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Handmade Key Fobs

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25 Different Colors


Handmade in California

Why are keys so difficult to deal with? Keys should be simple. The Walker Brothers have come up with a solution that blends both function and fashion. These colorful handmade key fobs can be clipped to your belt loop in front, on the side, or in the back. Clip it on your belt loop then let them dangle while you skate or tuck them in your back pocket for a silent get-away. Even clip them to your backpack during your beach day or outdoor adventure! Because each one is made by our own hands, no key fob is exactly the same!

Function and Fashion

The Walker Brothers (Sebo, Sky, and Shae) sought to make a simple and affordable product that not only looks good but makes LIFE easier. The key fob was born from this ideology. Sebo is a professional skateboarder, Shae a surfer, and Sky a photographer. As such, the key fob is intended for the active individual: skateboarders, surfers, moto-heads, extreme sports athletes, outdoor enthusiasts etc.



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Giving Back

Walker Brothers Co. is dedicated to giving back to the Earth and helping to protect nature and all living entities on our beautiful planet. 5% of profits go directly to The Natural Resources Defense Council who's mission is to "safeguard the Earth, its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all LIFE depends". (A minimum of $10 per month is donated).

Areas of Work:

  • Climate Change

  • Health

  • Communities

  • The Wild

  • Oceans

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Food






Make Your LIFE Easier

100% hand-crafted and hand-etched by a Walker brother...

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